worksheet.xyz is a multidisciplinary studio exploring optical and aesthetic qualities through the making of art, jewelry, and accessories, using qualities of light as a medium to connect the everyday to the metaphysical through a surreal, queer, and otherworldly aesthetic.

As an expression of an alternate reality, worksheet.xyz projects encourage the audience to consider and reimagine their lives by questioning relationships between nature, infrastructure, and properties of materials and physics.

It aims to connect the everyday and the metaphysical by developing a surreal, queer, and otherworldly aesthetic. 

Mixing mica powders with a transparent base creates iridescent inks that react vividly to the lighting conditions, changing color as the angles between the viewer’s eye, the print, and the light source changes.

A series of limited edition prints handmade with these inks change with their conditions, providing a stimulating sense of wonder and variety in the everyday experience.

The work involves an experimental  process that combines elements of architectural representation, printmaking, collage, photography and cosmetics.

Established by Josh Nelson in 2020 in Los Angles, CA.


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